In today’s fast-paced world, good old-fashioned customer service is often overlooked, but at Ripples Bottled Water the customer always comes first. From our computerized routing system detailing customer needs, and our courteous delivery drivers, to our friendly and dependable office staff- you will always be in good hands.

Once you have been set up as a customer, we’ll make sure you never run dry. You’ll be given a delivery schedule that will show you the exact dates you’ll receive your water delivery, either on a Bi-weekly or Monthly schedule depending on usage . For homes, simply put your empties out by your front door or designated spot , and the delivery driver will leave a delivery receipt with your full bottles. If you forget to put your empties out, just give us a telephone call and we’ll be happy to arrange a special delivery for you at no extra charge.

We also offer many payment options, including E-transfers , EFT’s ,  Visa, Master Card, online and telephone banking, etc. Simply put, our services are convenient and hassle free!

On-Site Pick-up 

For those customers that don’t require our delivery service and have some time to spare, just bring in your empty Ripples bottles
and exchange for full ones for only $6.50 per bottle

If you don’t have our bottles , no problem , we will sell you ours for $10.00 each, and you can just exchange for full ones the next time 


Water Fact- Water has no calories and helps suppress your appetite while dieting