No hidden fees , No minimum orders , No contracts , unbeatable local ,  reliable service’s are just some of the reasons to choose Ripples Bottles Water 

Ripples is a locally owned bottled water company that has been providing quality water coolers and purified bottled water to homes and offices in the Fraser Valley since 1994.

Our on-site water purification system consists of a multi stage process that includes Reverse Osmosis to separate the water molecule from impurities, leaving you with premium purified water.

The final stage in our process is the addition of Ozone for sterilization. Ozone is used to ensure the freshness of nature’s perfect beverage.

Equally as important is the proper sanitization of our bottles, which is done by using a 3 stage wash/sanitize/ozonated rinse, making sure our purified water is going into a properly sterilized bottle.

If you are looking for water service and want to get started, look no further. Simply email us at ripplesbw@gmail.com or telephone (don’t be surprised when a real person answers the telephone) and you’ll be enjoying our pure fresh water at your earliest convenience.

Water Fact: Water flushes out impurities and toxins